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Sticky Fingaz - (BlackTrash) The autobiography of Kirk Jones
Contributed by: Manhunt Staff
Source: Manhunt
Posted on: June 25, 2001 10:45 MST
Filed under: Rap

sticky fingaz

He blasted his way onto the rap scene with the hardcore group Onyx and then moved on to do a few roles in movies. Now Sticky Fingaz has combined movie and film on his solo project BlackTrash. Of all the music that is out now it is the most creative as far as someone taking time to think out a whole album like this. Each song varies in subject and tells a different story but at the same time continues the saga of a young thug and the troubles he goes through with the law, friends, family and his own ego.

After listening to the intro, it was hard to just stop there the album pulls and forces you to draw a mental movie screen up and picture what's going on. The basic story is Kirk comes home from a small bid and gets involved with street life again. The first three chapters of this story (Come On) and (My Dogx Iz My Gunz), and (Not Die'n) set the stage for the album and let's you know this Kirk Jones character is going all out. The lyrics Sticky spits to relate the similarity between dogs and guns lets you know the character is very familiar with thug life and is down for whatever. On (Money) Wu Tang member Raekwon drops an ill hook while Sticky flows about money and it's undermining influence on everyone. (Why) goes on to show Kirk using his friends to get his own way, which leads to his man becoming the getaway driver and eventually dying.

The planning behind the album was well thought out. On (Oh My God) sticky had a talk with God about why things are the way they are in 'his' world. The content of the lyrics gets deep in certain areas and shows off Sticky's skills as a rapper. (State vs. Kirk Jones) was another track where lyrical skill was shown by all involved. The setting is a courtroom... Redman and Canibus play lawyers, Rah Digga is the judge and Superb, Sacred 4 Life and Guess Who are key witnesses. Of all the songs on the album this one stands out and does the album justice. It was as though if you closed your eyes, you could picture the whole court scene.

The album/story moves on and Kirk Jones goes to jail during that time he has an meaningful phone conversation (Baby Brother)with his little brother headed down the same path of destruction. Like many jail stories, his girl comes to visit and tell him she's seeing someone new and it's over between them, which causes him to spit harsh lyrics about her and cheating in him. The rest of the album takes place years later after his leaving jail and seems to be more lyrical thoughts of how life could be and the way he as brought up. His apology to sisters (Sister I'm Sorry) who have to put up with the struggles of men treating them wrong and getting them into drama was on point.

As for Blacktrash's production. DJ Scratch, Rotweiler, and slew of other producers were perfectly chosen and played their part on each track that was dropped. The album was worth every minute spent in the studio and was fine without the song with Sticky and Firestarr (Get It Up) The beats fit the rhymes that were spit and Sticky acted out the parts well for his character. It wasn't all grimy bald-headed Onyx flows but there were times when you heard fear, anger, fearlessness and uncertainty in his voice and his rhymes. You can definitely see his acting skills being portrayed on a different level. Again I will say this album was well thought out. Sticky Fingaz was his own star on his independent film/album. He wanted everything to flow correctly and it did. The albums get nuff props for it's creativity which is lacking in a lot of hip hop today.
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