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Rahzel - Make The Music 2000
Contributed by: Mental Star
Source: The Elements
Posted on: January 18, 2001 05:33 MST
Filed under: Rap


Rahzel Brown AKA The Godfather of Noyze, finally comes forth from the 5th Dynasty introducing us to the fifth element of hip-hop with his debut album Make The Music 2000.

Rahzel captured the ears many listeners with the debut single All I know, produced by Pete Rock. On this track Rahzel shows that he is not only a human beatbox, but also he can hold down the title "emcee" as well. Rahzel delivers dope lines like, "let me flip my vocabulary/ vocal acrobatics/ microphone dramatics/ I can jam like automatics/ nine millimeter, 12 rounds one in the chamber/ russian roulette, you can bet there is DANGER!"

Rahzel shows that he is indeed The Godfather of Noyze with tracks like Make the Music 2000. On this track he spits dope verses and then at the same time he is doing all the sound effects through out the entire song. One second he could be spittin' a verse and at that same second he is putting sound effects in. How he combines the two are genius like, only he can pull such a thing off, that is why he remains the undisputed beat box champ.

MTM 2000 has a wide variety of guest appearances, from a smooth flowing track with Q-Tip, To the Beat. Then the tempo slows down with Southern Girl. Rahzel presents a sweet soulful melody featuring Erykah Badu. Rahzel collaborates with Slick Rick on the track Night Riders presenting hip-hop in its rawest form, the beat box.

MTM 2000 is a unique and innovative album. Rahzel opens new doors and takes us down paths that need to be traveled with a highly diverse debut. Make the Music 2000 will be one of those albums that you will always appreciate and never forget.
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